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Misron: A Symphony of Mixtures

Misron: A Symphony of Mixtures

Series Title: Misron (Bengali); "A Symphony of Mixtures: Blending Colors, Flavors, and Cultures"

Artist: Flora Nahar

Medium: Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Tile 

Dimensions: 200mm x 200mm  (art piece)

Supplied with: Natural coloured wooden stand in paper box


The series conveys a sense of harmony and unity, as well as a celebration of diversity. The word "mixture" suggests the combination of different elements or ingredients, which in this case are colors, flavors, and cultures. The phrase "Symphony of Mixtures" evokes a musical metaphor, suggesting that the blending of these different elements creates a harmonious and beautiful composition, much like a symphony. 


This metaphor also highlights the blending of different cultural traditions and practices, which can result in new and exciting ways of experiencing the world. Overall, it suggests that by embracing our differences and coming together in a spirit of harmony and unity, we can create something truly beautiful and meaningful.

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