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Prokash: Unleashing the Power of Expression

Prokash: Unleashing the Power of Expression

Series Title: Prokash (Bengali); "Unleashing the Power of Expression: Finding Your Voice".


Artist: Flora Nahar

Medium: Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Plate 

Dimensions: 260mm dia (round plate) 

Supplied with: Black wire stand in paper box


This series title "Unleashing the Power of Expression" suggests that the ability to express oneself is a powerful tool, and that this power can be harnessed in a positive and transformative way. The use of the word "unleashing" implies that this power is already within us, waiting to be unlocked and utilized. 


In this series Flora uses a mix of different colours to convey the idea that self-expression is a powerful and transformative tool, and that each individual has the ability to discover their own unique voice and use it to create positive change in their lives and the world around them.

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