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Anubhab: Feeling the Colours of Emotion

Anubhab: Feeling the Colours of Emotion

Series Title: Anubhab (Bengali); "Feeling the Colors of Emotion: A Journey Through the Human Experience"

Artist: Flora Nahar

Medium: Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Bowl 

Dimensions: 230mm dia (round bowl) 

Supplied with: Black stand in paper box


Feeling is like a vibrant tapestry of sensations and emotions, woven together with threads of joy, sorrow, love, fear, and every other human experience imaginable. It's a kaleidoscope of colors and textures created by Flora Nahar in her fluid arts, swirling and shifting with every passing moment.


At times, feeling is a warm embrace, enveloping us in a soft blanket of contentment and comfort. Other times, it's a sharp dagger, piercing our hearts with pain and sorrow. It can be a gentle breeze, caressing our cheeks with tenderness, or a fierce storm, raging and thundering through our souls. But no matter how challenging or confusing it may be, feeling is an essential part of the human experience, adding color, depth, and meaning to our lives.

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