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Utkorsho: The Pursuit of Excellence

Utkorsho: The Pursuit of Excellence

Series Title: Utkorsho (Bengali); "The Pursuit of Excellence: A Journey Through Artistic Mastery"

Artist: Flora Nahar

Medium: Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Tile 

Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm (base tile) & 200mm x 200mm (top art piece)

Supplied with: Natural coloured wooden frame in paper box


The pursuit of excellence is a noble and worthwhile endeavor in any area of life, and particularly so in the realm of art. This title speaks to the idea that achieving excellence is not a destination, but rather a journey that artists must undertake if they want to achieve mastery in their craft.


The use of the word "excellence" in the title is deliberate and impactful. It immediately sets the tone for a discussion of the highest level of skill and achievement that an artist can aspire to. The title implies that the journey towards excellence is not an easy one, but one that requires perseverance, dedication, and hard work.


The phrase "A Journey Through Artistic Mastery" suggests that the artwork that bears this title will take the art lovers on a journey through the various stages of artistic development, from novice to expert. The phrase "artistic mastery" emphasizes that the focus is on achieving the highest level of skill and understanding in a particular art form.


Overall, this title captures the essence of what it means to be an artist who strives for excellence. It conveys the idea that the pursuit of excellence is a lifelong journey, one that requires dedication and hard work, but that ultimately leads to the fulfillment of the artist's creative potential.

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