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Spondon: Creative Impulse

Spondon: Creative Impulse

Series Title: Spondon (Bengali); "Creative Impulse: The Spark that Ignites Artistic Innovation"

Artist: Flora Nahar

Medium: Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Pot 

Dimensions: 100mm dia (round pot) 

Supplied with: A paper box


The word "impulse" refers to a sudden, often inexplicable urge to do something. In the context of art, the "creative impulse" could be seen as the sudden spark of inspiration that drives the artist to create something new and innovative.


The title "Creative Impulse: The Spark that Ignites Artistic Innovation" suggests that this impulse is not just a fleeting moment of inspiration, but rather the driving force behind a great artistic innovation. It implies that the artist who is able to harness her creative impulses is the ones who is able to push the boundaries of her craft and create truly innovative work.


The use of the word "spark" in the subtitle reinforces this idea, suggesting that the creative impulse is not just a passive force, but an active one that can ignite a fire within the artist, inspiring her to create something truly remarkable.


Overall, this title suggests that the artistic work it represents is driven by a powerful and transformative force – the creative impulse – and that it is this impulse that enables the artist to innovate and push the boundaries of her craft. It conveys the idea that creativity is not just a passive quality, but an active force that can transform the world around us.

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